Movement for Modern Life

Design & development for Movement for Modern Life, an online yoga video resource based in London, featuring the best british yoga studios & teachers. In charge of all technical and visual aspects of the online business, I integrated the original branding into an elegant & fully responsive UI and a seamless user experience. The mission was to differentiate the MFML site from competitors by taking a fresher, more contemporary visual approach to Yoga with accessible content on the go.

Multiple subscriptions models, Gifts, Coupons, were all implemented using the Stripe & Paypal APIs. The site incorporates Login with Facebook alongside many other features such as user playlists, recommendations based of viewing history, personalised Yoga programmes, referral schemes, a class tracker with a calendar, a reward system and many more.

I also created the UI & UX for the MFML iOS and Android Apps, and produced a RESTful API layer for data access.


‘We get so many great comments about the site, I am really pleased with all of Erwan’s work.’ (Kat Farrants, Founder of MfML)

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